How to self motivate & Tips for beginners (runners)

How do I motivate myself every morning and every day to workout?

I know what I want and where this adventure is going to take me.

If you have set a precise goal and objective towards running (or whatever else you like doing) than nothing can stop you from your way.

Discipline is the key for success in everything.


Most of the time I am questioned where the hell I find energy to continue and not give up.

I don’t know, I guess I am just like that. An active person, that loves life and everything around.

And any possibility to get outdoor and train is a blessing.


Working 8 hours a day in the office as the majority around me/us, with a sedentary lifestyle practically I need to find a way to stay healthy and fit.

As I am a morning person, I love my early morning runs. It fills me with energy and with a clear mind I can start a new working day.

Productivity is essential in every aspect, either it’s about sport or our job.

The love of life keeps me motivated, my goals as in getting better on different distances, races I have planned to run at.

Living with a plan helps setting up better your priorities, there’s no excuse or short cut when it comes to results.


A few tips for newbies that I hope will help you towards your expectations:

  • start with short distances
  • stretching is essential for every workout, before and after you are done with it.
  • focus on your breathing, inhale as much oxygen as you can and exhale all of it and repeat with every step forward you take.
  • hydrate all the time, small sips of water (electrolytes) will keep you in tone and hydrated.
  • the right size of your running shoes- half or a full extra size would be recommended.
  • check out how you step on the ground and this way choose the right pair for your feet.
  • try to avoid cotton clothing, technical running clothes is what you need so that your clothes dry out fats while you are doing your workout (you could go for a dry fit workout outfit).
  • socks, pay a bit more for the running socks, but please do avoid cotton socks if you don’t want to wake up with blisters.
  • keep your toenails short, as the hills or valleys can make you regret the perfect pedicure you’ve just got done ( I am growing up now one, learning from my own mistakes).
  • preferably eat 2 hours before your workout and 1 hour after your workout.
  • If you are really hungry, avoid heavy meals, go instead for a smoothie or some fruits that suit you. Don’t forget about your water (with lemon).
  • before race day, I try to avoid meat as it digests harder. (if it’s a road marathon).
  • go for supplements and extra vitamins if you feel your energy fades away while increasing your amount of kms and workouts.
  • try to have a day for cross-training: swim, basketball, boot camp, volley
  • For beginners is important to have at least 3 runs per week, in order to get your muscles adjusted, later on you can increase the number of your workouts.
  • a coach will be more than necessary if you have set up high objectives, this person will help you get better and will prepare a special program for you to reach your goal.
  • online programs are also fine, but they don’t know how you feel in the morning and you need to do intervals or a long run.
  • sleep is so important, 8-9 hours are heaven for those who can have this time for themselves.
  • don’t stay up till very late if you know you’ve got a long run in the morning
  • carbs, proteins and minerals are all so important, but please make sure you consume everything correctly.
  • if you have sore muscles, ointments will help to feel better, don’t ignore massage sessions and swimming classes.

More to come in a new post later on.

I know I have been slow in posting. But I really want to work on my Romanian version and while I figure out a few options, for now my posts will keep being in English.

Wish you all a lovely run’derfully weekend ahead.

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