My running adventure

It all started back in school, when I was about 12-15 years old. I couldn’t do physical education because of my heart condition, but I loved all type of exercises my colleagues were doing and I was not aloud to.

I remember it was so hard to run 1km, breathing was my biggest struggle back then.

It was a huge issue, even when I started running again in 2012-2014. These were the years of me trying to like running, of me trying to understand how I should ‘chew and eat it’.

Coming back home from the United States, I needed some extra activity beside my job, to lose some weight from all the pancakes I had there.  So I started to swim and combined it with morning short jogs.

20-30 minutes per day was my target, no appropriate shoes or clothing, just wanted to move my a$$ out of the house.

In Spring 2013 I found out of a 3km run in my city, supporting some kind of charity event. I decided to go with a friend that was good in sports and told me he would  support me during it. Even though it was April, it was already very hot outside and me in a cotton t-shirt, that made it worse.

As always I started pretty fast and then couldn’t keep up, began to walk and then to run again, struggled till I finished it, in pain and dehydrated completely.

But I was happy I run those damn hard 3km. Back than I didn’t know I would get to run nowadays up to 55km without using the Porta-Potty, nor walk.

I took a break from running and returned for a 10km in the fall of 2014.

It seemed easier, I don’t even remember my finishing time, around an hour more or less.

Another year, another Spring- 2015, when something changed, perhaps me or the surrounding. I don’t know what exactly happened to me to want to make running part of my life.

My first ever half marathon was at Chisinau International Marathon 2015, no big preparations for it, a few km’s around the track or in the central park. And there I go again- hitting the road, it was not about the time, but to be able to finish it and not quit half way through.

As I am not a quitter and never ever quit any competition I have signed up, so far.

Even though sometimes I struggle or I am in pain, I continue pushing and hit the finish line with dignity. It’s usually an internal battle with myself, rather the competition I have at the start line.

But I will admit-  it does feel good to get on the podium, that gives me more confidence and I know that my hard work is paid off at the end of the day.

3 years since I joined a completely different world, running became normal to me. From 10k’s, half marathons, marathons to ultra marathons, a bit over 20 races and more to come for sure, in the years to come,

I am both a road and a trail runner, it’s hard to stay on one side for now.

It’s so much fun and joy to be up in the mountains conquering a new peak. On the other hand I like the speed and I know I am good at it, by getting great achievements on the road. This thrill makes me want to improve more and get better with every race I finish.

You don’t have the view and the fresh air from the mountains, while joining a city marathon. But you do have instead a huge wave of people that cheer up for you, spectators that are there to support runners and stand there through the rain or wind. With encouraging messages on posters and their applause and energy boosts me to not give up.

Why am I doing it, why do I like to suffer so much while running on + 30C in the summer, -10C on icy road or muddy trails on rainy days. You’d probably think, I am a crazy girl with too much free time and nothing else to do?

Who needs the change, if we all already live in a shitty world, where nobody wants to take responsibility for their own actions.

Why shall I do a difference in this world, why me and not him/ her or them ?

The change starts here, today and from each of us individually.

You might have heard it hundreds of times, I know.

But if it’s not today, tomorrow might be too late.

Running gives me what nothing else can’t- peace, meditation, time with myself.

A clear healthy mind and body.

You don’t have to wear brand new shoes to just get out of the door and hit the road.

Put on an old pair of sport shoes, don’t think about your speed, just try to feel good and enjoy the moment.

A few minutes today a few more tomorrow and you’ll see the change happening right there.

Time with yourself is so important!

New cells regenerate and you can take better decisions regarding anything happening in your life today. After a stressful day or a rough discussion, don’t waste your energy or time by arguing, just get out and enjoy the morning/evening, listen to the birds twitting, to the leaves touching the ground, to the blue sky above you or the amazing sunset that everyday is unique in it’s way.

I am happy with my life right now, with everything I have in it bad and good.

Of course not everything is perfect, but wanting to make a change and actually working on it, feels already much better.

Next post will be about some helpful tips for newbies that want to be part of this ‘sect’ called- running.



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    The article is very nice.

    1. Thank you, Cristian 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Alex ! 🙂

  3. Great blog 🙂

    1. Thank you Eugen, still have lots of details to improve.
      But only in time, gaining more experience on this matter. 🙂

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