One year break

My 2019 year in sport

One year break from the blog has been a long time, I know.
I needed this in order to put my thoughts together, to get rid of all the stressful times I have been through.
From the very beginning of creating this blog, I knew it’s going to be something I come to meditate to, or write down my thoughts, my plans and experiences.
As it was indeed a difficult year from all points of view, sincerely I didn’t want to cry myself out and lament what’s happening to me publicly, as I don’t seek for this kind of attention, plus I want this blog to be something useful, handful and interesting for those who open it and find captivating to read till the end what I have to say or share.

But as I mentioned earlier, let’s not be negative and keep away all the stress that eats us up. Overall doing a retrospective on the year that just passed, there were actually some good times as well, can’t complain all went as hell.

I’ve been training a lot and finished 2019 with 8 races, 4 of which I managed to be on the podium. Plus a total of 3000km (almost) run for the entire year.

Not that much of traveling as I used to have before, but a few days to the mountains here and there, a few days at the beach in the summer, helped to recreate of the hard days in the office and home. And I do cherish the moments I was one with nature. Probably that’s why I do love trail running for. These kind of experiences give me the opportunity to feel free, to meditate, to breath and feel complete.
I improved so much better my running endurance and technique, and I am sure that the key is also having less races and focus on one at a time competition, than rather running every weekend on different races, with barely no time for recovery.
I am pleased that my family started to run as well and I am glad of the positive impact I have on my people and that this type of sport brought us closer and made us see things from a different perspective and be more tolerant with each other.
Motivation is what keeps me driven, my goals and plans, which I don’t give up for anything.
There were lots of broken dreams, but these lessons only made me stronger, to continue fighting for my goals and keep on pushing to become a better version of myself, through my daily actions.

Soon a new post, stay tuned. I haven’t disappeared, just needed some time for myself, that’s all.

Happy New Years to everyone and may you have a blessed year ahead, whatever you plan on doing.

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